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AlNiCo Pot Magnet

POT magnets are constructed of AlNiCo magnets encased in plated steel bases.The different code has the different lifting capacity, Dia12.7~55mm, the lifting capacity will be reach 2~45KG.
These kinds of assemblies are used as work holding devices for welding, wood cutting, sign making and other applications. The working temperature is up to 250 degrees c. Outer surface except pole can be red(smooth or wrinkle)painted, Coated Nickel, zinc, Chrome to maintain the magnetic strength.
Applications of AlNiCo Pot Magnet-China AlNiCo Pot Magnet Manufacturers/suppliers
Pot Magnet are used for mounting, lifting, holding, fixing and transferring objects for ití»s simple structure properly designed with maximized magnetic force, saving cost. The magnets can be made by NdFeB, SmCo, ALNICO, Ferrite, etc. and Coated by Zn, Ni, Cr, Painting, Rubber cover, etc.
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