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Alnico magnet

Product Details: Alnico magnet, Motor,Micromotor magnet,Speaker etc

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Excellent magnetic power with low reversible temperature coefficient, working temperature can be as high as 550 degree Celsius

Materials: Al, Ni, Co, and metal material

Applications:Motors,Multimeter,Watermeter,Eletricitymeter,Switch, Adhesion,Loudspeakers,Port machines,Musical instruments,Magnetic chucks,Magnetic Bases etc.

LN9, LN10, LNG12, LNG13, LNG37, LNG40, LNG44, LNG52, LNG60,(China standard)
Alnico2, Alnico3, Alnico5, Alnico5DG, Alnico5-7 (the US standard)

The specification(dimension) of magnet can be customized according to client's requests and design.

Applications of Alnico magnet, Motor magnet,Alnico magnet for motor
Attributes of Alnico Magnet
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