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High Property Rod Magnet

We can produce magnetic filter rods and other magnetic assemblies. The standard diameter of magnetic rods is dia25mm. The highest Gauss of rods can arrive 12000Gs. These magnetic rods are widely used in foodstuffs, chemistry, pharmacy, tobacco, textile industry, plastic, feed, beverage, pottery, mechanism, petroleum, water treatment, automobile coating and other industries which need to separate magnet conductivity substance. We choose the stainless steel tubes to make environmental magnetic filter rods. The dimension, frame shape, magnetic gauss, working temperature and other items about filter rods will be designed according to clients’ requests, or upon your application
Applications of High Property Rod Magnet , Magnetic Filter Rod Used for Separator
路Water Treatment
Attributes of Magnetic Product
路Material:NdFeB magnet, steel tube
路Shape:Rod, stick
路Length:upon design and customized
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