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Magnetic windows screens is made by Gauze net, plastic box,
magnetic stripe, its system is for easy installation and the
replacement of gauze net is very convenience.
Bar magnet is one of the most common educational magnets which generally made of FeAlC or AlNiCo and usually painted in red blue or other paint. they are used in physics education labs to show magnetic fields when used with compasses or iron filings & can be used to pickup light metal objects such as paper clips.we can provide high quality , various sizes and colors of bar magnet according to customer's request.
The rod magnet is one of the most popular educational magnet , which generally made of FeAlC or Alnico and painted in red ,blue or other paint .They are not very strong but that makes them ideal for showing magnetic field lines when used with iron filings,so it widely used for teaching ,playing by children and etc. We can provide various sizes of this magnet according to your request.
U-Shape magnet is one of the most common educational magnets and
usually made of Alnico material and painted with red,blue or
other paint. They are available in different shapes and sizes
according to actual usage.The magnets are sometimes used in
place of bar magnets to demonstrate magnetic attraction since
the two poles together are stronger than one.
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