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N45 neodymium magnets

Shape: cylinder N45 neodymium magnets, block N45neodymium magnets,disk N45neodymium magnets, rings N45 neodymium magnets, segment N45 neodymium magnets.
Max working Temperature: 80

Characteristic of N45 neodymium mangets:

model Br mt(KG) Hcb Koe(KA/m) iHc Koe(KA/m) (BH)Max KJ/m3(MGOE) TW Degree C
N45 13.2-13.8 11.0 12 43-46 80

N45 neodymium magnets are hard, brittle and easily corrode.
N45 neodymium magnets' Moderate temperature stability
N45 neodymium magnets lose -0.09 ~ -0.13% of Br/C.
N45 neodymium magnets' working stability is under 80C for low Hci Neodymium magnets and above 200C for high Hci Neodymium magnets.
The highest (BH)max of N45 neodymium magnets reaches up to 51MGOe .
N45 neodymium magnets' Surface treatments have been developed that allow them to be used in most applications.
The treatments include gold, nickel, zinc and tin plating and epoxy resin coating.
N45 neodymium magnets are used for customers' specific using.

N45 neodymium magnets' is a high grade than N35 neodymium magnets, N38 neodymium magnets, N40 neodymium magnets, N42 neodymium magnets.

Applications of N45 neodymium magnets,N45 magnets
Magnetic separator,Servo motors,drives,toys,bags,electronic industry,auto industry,petro-chemical industry, nuclear magnetic resonance,DC,servo,and actuators,headphones, instrumentation, switches, relays,hard disk drives,Security systems,Magnetic separators,Speakers,Magnetic toys, Magnetic tools, Other magnetic applications
Attributes of Neodymium Magnet
N45 neodymium magnets are very high resistance to demagnetization.have high energy for size. Perform good in ambient temperature. Has moderately priced,Material is corrosive and should be coated for long term maximum energy output, and have Low working temperature for heat applications, but higher levels of heat resistance materials are being introduced periodically.
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