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Block Neodymium Magnet size of 20*10*1MM, coated by Ni,and it's grade is N45, also can be made by from N30H to N45H,30SH to 42SH.
$$Specificaiton of Disc Magnets
$$Br mt(KG):1170-1210(11.7-12.1)
$$Hcb Koe(KA/m):R10.8(R860)
$$iHc Koe(KA/m) :R12(R955)
$$(BH)max KJ/m3 (MGOe):263-287(33-36)
$$Surface plating:NiCuNi
$$Curie Temperature:310-340 Celsius Degree
$$Hardness:600 Hv
Magnetic Characteristic of Sintered NdFeB Magnets
$$Br:13.8-14.2 KG
$$(BH) MAX:46-49 MGOe
$$Magnetized:Axial Magnetized
$$Hcb: 11.6Koe
$$(BH)max:40-43 MGOe
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