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alnico bar magnet

Bar magnet is one of the most common educational magnets which generally made of FeAlC or AlNiCo and usually painted in red ,blue or other paint. they are used in physics education labs to show magnetic fields when used with compasses or iron filings & can be used to pickup light metal objects such as paper clips.we can provide high quality , various sizes and colors of bar magnet according to customer's request.

Each end of a bar magnet is considered a pole ¨C one being north, the other south. When freely suspended, a bar magnet will align itself so that the end of its northern pole points towards the Earth¡¯s magnetic North Pole. This works in the exact same manner as a compass needle, which itself uses or is a magnet. If a bar magnet has one end painted red, that end is traditionally the bar magnet's north pole.

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