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How to Combine Permanent Magnets?

Permanent magnets are magnets that retain their magnetism, such as neodymium magnets thus the name permanent. Electromagnets are created by an electrical current flowing through wire windings wrapped around a metal core; when the current is turned off the magnetism ceases, so an electromagnetic is not a permanent magnet. Permanent magnets serve as important components in more items than you probably imagine. For example, electric motors, speakers, CD players and microwave ovens all contain magnets. All magnets have two poles, known as north and south, and the magnetic energy flows from the north pole to the south pole. If you combine two or more magnets, you increase the magnetism, so you get a more powerful magnet.

1 Place the permanent magnets you want to combine on a table. You need to use bar magnets, as the north and south poles are at the opposite ends of the bar.

2 Place one magnet lengthways in front of you on a table. One end of the magnet is the north pole and the other end the south pole. Place a second magnet lengthways in front of you on the table, but about 12 inches to the side of the first magnet. Slide the tip of the second magnet toward one end on the first magnet. As the two magnets get closer, you will notice one of two things happen: you either feel a force that stops you putting the end of the magnet near the end of the first magnet, or the end of the second magnet will be drawn toward the end of the first magnet, effectively sticking together. If the magnets repel each other, it means both ends have the same pole in close proximity, so they are either both north poles or both south poles. If the permanent magnets are drawn together, then one pole is north and the other south, so they are combined into one permanent magnets and the magnetism is flowing from the north pole of the first magnet, through to the south pole of the second magnet.

3 Swivel the second permanent magnet around 180 degrees on the table, if the two magnets repelled each other. This means that the north pole of the second magnet is now where the south pole was and vice versa. Move the end of the second magnet that's closest to the end of the first magnet toward the end of the first magnet. As the end of the second magnet gets close, it will be drawn toward the end of the first magnet and will stick to it.

4 Repeat the process by combining as many magnets as you want. Alternatively, you can combine magnets by placing one on top of each other. You need to get the poles around the correct way. Otherwise you are unable to combine them, as they will repel each other. You will also notice that in combining them on top of each other that you will need a reasonable amount of strength to separate them again, whereas when they are combined lengthways you can easily separate them. Combining magnets this way increases magnetism.

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