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How to Magnetize a Steel Bar?

How to Magnetize a Steel Bar? Print this article You can harness the power of electricity to make a magnet.

Magnetism is a natural force that affects iron and metals containing iron, such as steel. An ordinary steel bar can be turned into a magnet by applying electricity, which generates a magnetic field that is passed onto the metal. Commercial magnets are created by exposing metal to strong magnetic fields, and you can do the same thing with a battery and some wire. The bar's magnetic attraction will be strongest while the power is on, but even after you switch the power off, the bar will still be magnetized.

1 Wrap a piece of coated copper wire around the steel bar, creating tight coils that travel the entire length of the bar. Leave 12 inches extending from each end of the bar. The amount of wire you will need depends on the length and thickness of the bar.
2 Remove 1 inch of the wire's coating at both ends with a pair of wire strippers.
3 Connect one wire to the positive (+) terminal of a 12-volt battery.
4 Connect the other end of the wire to the negative (-) terminal of the battery. This activates a current through the wire, creating a magnetic field and turning the steel bar into an electromagnet.
5 Leave the power running for 5 minutes.
6 Remove the wires from the battery and slide the steel bar out of the coil. It will still carry a magnetic charge.

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