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How to Make Heat From Magnets?

Magnets feature a very strong magnetic field, stronger than most items on Earth. For this reason, metals with high instances of iron stick easily to magnets. Heat, however, changes the alignment of both magnetic objects and the magnets themselves, according to Sci Toys. Marie Curie experimented with this principle and created a magnetic heat engine. This interesting little machine could be used to power a larger machine or to carry heat from one place to another.

Things You'll Need
Super glue
Fishing line
½-inch diameter steel ball bearing
Banana-saver stand
Ceramic bar magnet
Votive candle
Aluminum foil
Suggest Edits

1 Super glue a 6-inch length of fishing line to the top of a ball bearing. Let the glue dry for 20 minutes, then bounce the ball bearing up and down on the string to make sure it stays in place.

2 Tie a loop in the other end of the fishing line and hang it from a banana-saver stand. These stands look like small fruit bowls with a hook on top of them and are available at grocery stores. Hang the fishing line loop on the banana-saver hook.

3 Place a ceramic bar magnet and a votive candle side by side right next to the banana saver. The magnet should be close enough to the saver that the ball bearing pulls toward the magnet without assistance.

4 Light the candle and push it right under the ball bearing. The flame should not touch the bearing, but should be about 1 inch below it. This is close enough that the candle can heat the metal.

5 Watch the bearing. As the metal warms, it loses magnetism and will swing back into the banana-saver bowl. When the bearing cools, it should regain magnetism and swing back toward the ceramic bar magnet again.

6 Collect heat with this experiment by surrounding the banana saver with a double-layered cylinder of aluminum foil. Leave a small slit in the front of the cylinder for the ball bearing to swing back and forth.

7 Take the temperature inside the aluminum cylinder before the ball bearing falls. Take the temperature again about 1 minute after it falls. When the bearing slides inside the cylinder, it should radiate heat into the cylinder, raising the temperature.

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