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How to Protect Items From Magnets

Many devices you use every day (televisions, telephones, computers, clocks and watches, heart pacemakers, or other small appliances) are sensitive to the effects of magnets and can be damaged or ruined if you do not protect them against magnetism. Some audio speakers and radios incorporate magnets into their components and--if placed too near other devices--interfere with them. Electrical currents also generate magnetism that can create interference if the outlets and wires are not properly shielded. If you cannot reduce the power of the magnetic source or move the affected device away from the magnetic field, you can apply shielding to the device to block magnetic effects.

  1. Measure the device you need to shield from the magnet. Note that you need to measure only the actual area of the device that directly faces the magnetic field (for example, the back or side of a television set, the back or bottom of a portable telephone base, the back or side of a computer and so on).
  2. Purchase a magnetic shield plate that measures slightly larger than the device from a vendor such as EMF Safety Superstore or Magnetic Shield Corp. (see References and Resources below).
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for positioning the shield plate between the magnet and the device. You will need to experiment with the shield location to achieve optimal results.

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