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The main factors affect the magnetic property.

1. The environmental temperature:
As the negative temperature coefficient of Sintered NdFeB magnets £¨¦ÁBr<-0.13%/¡æ,¦ÁHcj<-0.6%/¡æ£©, during the application, the instant high temperature and continuate high temperature will both lead to the demagnetization to a certaing degress. This demagnetization may be reversible or not, reparable or non-reparable.
2. Ambient Humidity:
The NdFeB magnet is corrosive, easy oxidation. Normally, we plate the Neo magnet for surface protection. But it can¡¯t fully resist the corrosion and oxidation. The air is more dry, the service life will be longer.
3£®How to measure the magnetic property:
Three stardard parameters:
Br (Residual Induction): Unit ¡°Gauss¡±; It shows the outside magnetic field.
Hc (Coercive Force): Unit ¡°Oersteds¡±; The force required to remove the residual magnetism from the material is called the Coercive force.
Bhmax: Unit ¡°Gauss-Oersteds¡±, It shows the magnetic field strength at the point of maximum energy product of a magnetic material.

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