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What is Neodymium?

Neodymium (Nd) is a rare earth metallic element located at 60 on the periodic table of elements. Of all the rare earth elements, Nd is more prone to reacting and combining with other elements and quickly oxidizes by combining with oxygen in the air.

History of Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium magnets were simultaneously developed in 1982 by the China Academy of Sciences, Sumitomo Special Metals and the General Motors Corporation as a response to the high-material costs for earlier strong permanent rare earth magnets. Although all three organizations developed NIB magnet technology, their manufacturing technologies differed. Sumitomo developed sintered NIB magnets while General Motors developed powdered bonded NIB magnets. GM subsequently sold the neodymium magnet division, Magnequench, to a Chinese consortium headed by Archibald Cox Jr. along with San Huan New Material and China National Nonferrous Metals Import and Export Company (CNNMIEC). In 2005, Magnequench merged with the Canadian company AMR. Control of the merged company remained with scientists closely associated with the China Academy of Sciences.

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