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the cautions for magnet use, storage and transportation

What are the cautions for magnet use, storage and transportation?

(1)Strong magnet should be coupled each other to keep away from pulling other metallic subjects. Always keeping disc, tape, computer monitors, watches and other magnetic sensitive subjects far away from the charged magnet to avoid being deleted or damaged.Otherwise information stored in the media or the devices may be damaged.
(2)Humidity and temperature should be controlled at dry and room temperature level. Applying some anti-rusty oil (machine oil) can protect uncoated magnet very well; Coated magnet should be insulated from air or vacuum stored.
(3)The magnets may break into pieces when collide with oterh materials. Be careful in assembling magnets and prevent the tiny fragments from entering into eyes or cause other injuries.
(4)Big block of magnets will strongly attract each other or attract iron steel pieces, which may cause serious injure to person
(5)Do not place magnets near person wearing electrical medical equipment, such as pacemaker, because the magnets may result in malfunction of the equipment and endanger person's life.
(6)Strong magnet should be shielded magnetically in transportation, especially in air transportation.

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