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Can children play the neodymium magnets?

Neodymium magnets is dangerous for children

Firstly, you must do everything possible to make sure children cannot eat these magnets.If two or more small magnets are swallowed, they could attract each other through the walls of the intestines, this would cause major swelling, life threatening injuries and need surgery to remove them.

When magnets are brought close enough together they can have a surprising amount of power. Fingers are quickly caught between them which could cause a painful nip or blood blister.

Do not place these magnets up your nose or around the ears as they have soft tissue that will compress as the magnets attract through the thickness of the tissue. The magnets will compress the tissue and as the magnets get closer together, they will steadily increase in force until they cannot any closer.

Ensure that children under 14 are not allowed to play with magnets and children over 14 are told about potential dangers of the magnets and supervised by an adult who has read and understood these warning.

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