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How to mapping a magnet's force field?

A bar magnet is a seemingly ordinary piece of metal that induces a magnetic field in its vicinity. This magnetic field affects any magnetic material that lies within it.
What You Will Investigate
The nature of the magnetic field that surrounds a bar magnet
1 To measure magnetic field strength
2 To produce a graph that maps the magnetic field around a bar magnet
3 To draw conclusions about the nature of the magnetic field of a bar magnet
1 MultiLogPRO
2 Magnetic field sensor
3 Bar magnet
4 Ruler (nonmetallic)
5 Clear tape

Equipment setup
1. Tape the ruler to the tabletop with clear tape
2. Place the bar magnet next to the ruler so that the 4cm mark on the ruler sits near one edge of the bar magnet (see Figure 1). This will enable you to map the magnetic field already at a 4 cm distance from the magnet
Setup MultiLogPRO
3. Turn on MultiLogPRO
4. Connect the Magnetic field sensor to input 1 (I/O-1) of MultiLogPRO
5. Connect MultiLogPRO to the computer
6. Run MultiLab
7. Click Setup wizard on the upper toolbar and set MultiLogPRO up according to the specifications below:

Input 1: Magnetic field ?10mT
Recording time:
50 samples
Experimental procedure
1. Position the edge of the magnetic probe on the zero mark of the ruler. Make sure that the probe is perpendicular to the ruler
2. Push Enter on MultiLogPRO¡¯s keypad to record the magnetic field strength at this point
3. Now position the edge of the magnetic probe on the 1cm mark of the ruler keeping the probe perpendicular to the ruler, then push Enter again
4. Move the sensor along the ruler in 1cm steps. Each time taking a reading manually by pushing Enter , until you have reached a point 4cm beyond the other end of the bar magnet
5. Push Escape on MultiLogPRO¡¯s keypad to stop logging
6. Save your data by clicking Save on the upper toolbar in MultiLab

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