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What's the application of NdFeB magnet?

The NdFeB permanent magnet is a kind of energy material, which can produce the stable magnetic field in the certain space. Because of its highest coercive force and , especially under the 20¡æ¡«150¡æ, it works better than any other kinds of permanent magnets. So it is widely used in many areas, especially in the high-tech area. Basing on its physical principle, the usual applications are as below:
Electric energy to mechanical energy: as electromotor,speaker,VCM (Voice Coil Motor);
Mechanical energy to electric energy: like the generators, telephone receiver, and measuring instrucment;
Mechanical energy to Mechanical energy: as the magnetic separator, magnetic suspension, magnetic actuators and magnet chucks;
Magnetic field¡¯s physical effect: like the Nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic cleaning device and magnetic oil-saving mechanism.

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