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How To Choose The Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnet

1, selected samarium cobalt magnets in accordance with the needs of different magnetic properties

2, If you want samarium cobalt permanent magnets used in high temperature, you need to consider the magnetic properties of two key parameters: reversible temperature coefficient (such as Br) and the intrinsic coercive force Hcj. Reversible temperature coefficient is a measure of permanent magnetic materials in the temperature changes in the parameters, when the temperature back to the beginning of temperature, magnetic properties of permanent magnetic materials can be reversible back to a state of the magnetic properties of the beginning. However, the smaller the temperature coefficient, the magnetic properties of a corresponding decline. At the same time, with the temperature changes, magnetic properties of permanent magnetic material is also irreversible changes as the irreversible loss. Higher intrinsic coercivity will reduce the irreversible loss.

3,The design of samarium cobalt permanent magnet in the application also need to consider if the designed size of the permanent magnet is appropriate. In general, as a result of the permanent magnet SmCo demagnetization curve for the near-linear, and the remainder of magnetic induction Br and coercive force Hcb is similar, and therefore the work of point (Pc value) should be selected in the vicinity of the largest energy product, one can make full use of magnetic energy, on the other hand, can be cost-effective. Reference Design: 0.5 Pc 1.

4, Samarium cobalt permanent magnet is a function of the material should not be used as structural material, and therefore should not have the same requirements of tolerance in size and structure.

5, Samarium cobalt permanent magnet has a strong corrosion resistance, and therefore does not require surface treatment.

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