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Permanent magnet components in the automotive electronics application

Magnetic components has been widely used in the automotive electronics applications, and magnetic components industry has stimulated as the extremely popular automotive electronics market. the magnetic components in the automotive electronics applications are as the following three main areas:
First, traditional electronics, such as car audio, automotive instrumentation, automotive lighting, anti-electromagnetic interference components.
The second is to improve vehicle safety, stability, comfort, as well as entertainment products, such as ABS, airbags, power control systems, chassis control, GPS, TPMS, automotive air-conditioning, power windows control, all types of motor control, audio CD, DVD video and liquid crystal display system.
Third, energy-saving and environment-friendly electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle systems, such as chargers, motor drives.

Permanent magnet on the requirements:
1.The higher BH(max) of permanent Magnetic Materials ensures the better work factor when the actual motor running.
2.Higher coercive force ensures that the electrical resistance of the anti-demagnetization and better low-temperature capability.
3.High Remanence so as to ensure a higher degree speed and power of motor.
The permanent magnets commonly used are : Neodymium Magnet ,Neodymium Magnet, Bonded Magnet

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