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Rare earth mysteries

Rare earth elements possess strange magnetic and conductive properties aren't found anywhere else in our cabinet of elements.
Understanding precisely why this is the case would require graduate degrees in both chemistry and physics, but the for-dummies version goes something like this, according to Frank Johnson, a materials scientist at GE Global Research:
"In a magnetic material, the magnetic ions are connected by springs."
To keep that metaphor going, a typical rare earth element is full of super-powerful springs, but they're all jumbled up, facing various directions as if they'd been thrown onto the floor of a closet.
Something magical happens when a rare earth magnets element like neodymium is combined with specific other elements: They form crystals. And if the shape of those crystals is just right, all of the super-powerful springs align, and -- bam! -- the springs amplify each other, and you have the very powerful neodymium magnet.
They are very unique elements, and the science of them is fascinating.

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