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Information about the magnets

1. A magnet is an object that can push or pick up materials made of iron, steel, or nickel. A magnet is made of these same materials.
2. Objects that are attracted by magnets have similar properties.
3. Every magnet has two places where its strength is concentrated.
4. A magnet that is free to turn will come to rest with its poles aligned in a north-south direction.
5. Unlike poles of a magnet attract each other. Like poles of a magnet repel each other.
6. A magnet can be made from a steel object by striking it with a magnet.
7. Once magnetized, a piece of steel can remain magnetized indefinitely.
8. A magnetic compass consists mainly of a freely turning magnet.
9. All magnets, and thus all compasses, have a north-south seeking pole.
10. A magnetic compass works because the earth itself is a magnet: the compass magnet interacts with the earth-magnet.

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