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How to Re-Charge Magnets?

It is normal for a magnet to sometimes lose its magnetic charge, especially if it gets too hot. A magnet can also demagnetize if it is dropped from a height or strikes another object with great force. No matter how the magnet loses its magnetism, recharging the magnet is quite simple. Instead of wasting money and throwing out old magnets, invest in a powerful magnet to recharge all you weaker magnets.


Things You'll Need
A powerful, permanent magnet, such as a neodymium magnets.
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1 Find or buy a powerful permanent magnet(neodymium magnets). A non-horseshoe magnet is preferable.
2 Identify the poles on both magnets.
3 Match up the two magnets to opposite poles (N to S and S to N). When the poles attract, the magnetism from the stronger magnet will rejuvenate the weak magnet.
4 Stroke the opposite ends of the poles together a few times. Be gentle as some magnets are brittle and will easily chip.

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