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Japan discovered 2 new minerals containing rare earth

According to Japan's Jiji news agency reported, Graduate School of Kyushu University of Science Research Institute of mineralogy assistants raw Seiichiro led the research team announced in Saga Prefecture, northwest peninsula east Matsuura ( Tang Jin city etc ) collected in the basalt, discovered two new minerals containing rare earths. The discovery has been the International Mineralogical Association ( IMA ) recognition.Yttrium is widely used in optical instruments lens and two batteries and other products, at present most dependent on imports from china. The original Seiichiro said:" ( the new mineral discovered ) east Matsuura Peninsula may have deposit."The original Seiichiro et al. Started from 2000 in the area of mineral distribution. More than two kinds of minerals were collected in 2003 and 2005. In the use of microscope and X ray analysis after that, these two minerals are discovered for the first time. Therefore, the team will be named " yttrium phosphate rare earth mine" and" fat before the stone", and in March this year to the IMA presents the application.

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