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Synthesis of unusual earth chloride

In this thesis, the unusual earth chloride catalyzed response of heterocyclic synthesis. Is generally composed of two parts:

กกกก1. neodymium magnets on the gadolinium chloride catalyzed response of aromatic aldehydes, aromatic amines with dihydropyran or dihydrofuran on the "pot of" imino Diels-Alder reaction, via the regulation of response conditions, substantial cis-selectivity in obtaining a sequence of tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives; discover the sort and quantity of response solvent may be the item of cis-trans selectivity on the primary factors, whilst about the response mechanism was suggested. cardstock also cationic unusual earth metallic chloride about the imino Diels-Alder response on the catalytic action of the preliminary exploration, discovery as properly as the corresponding unusual earth chloride in comparison towards the neutral, cationic unusual earth metallic chloride carries a increased action .

กกกก2. Ytterbium trichloride catalyst on the o-amino cinnamate esters using the response of isothiocyanate, had been synthesized in substantial yields a sequence of benzothiazine compounds. The mild response conditions, substantial yield, and response method during the available devoid of safety operation. Thesis on elements affecting the response deliver are discussed, as properly as the response solutions on the heterogeneous phenomena are discussed.

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