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Rare earth magnets doped magnesium ceramic structure and luminescence properties

  Rare earth doped silicate-based fluorescent material has become a hot research topic, in addition to its inherent stability, but also has excellent luminescence properties and potential persistence. Silicate crystals and amorphous matrix as the matrix material advantages and disadvantages, and glass as a coexistence of crystalline and amorphous materials, crystal materials, both good luminescent properties and excellent physical and chemical glass stability, has important research value.

   Eu2 + doped diopside and cristobalite glass-ceramics for the crystalline phase, in the 355nm excitation light can be 442nm blue emission peak. With the heat treatment time, the fluorescence spectra intensity increased, with the test within the Eu2 + concentration, concentration quenching occurs.

  Mother in diopside glass, with the increase of boron content, phase separation (emulsion) phenomenon has serious, and boron content after heat treatment more easily sample the second phase which precipitated cristobalite. With the increase of boron content, Sm3 +, Tb3 +-doped glass, respectively, strength was first increased and then decreased.

  Inhibit the introduction of reducing agent diopside crystallization rate, crystallization time consistent with diffusion limited aggregation model.

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