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Ferromagnetic Planar Nanocomposites

ĦĦĦĦModern permanent magnets require a high coercive field on account of a strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy, as well as a high saturation magnetization and high Curie temperature. The achievement of so different characteristics in a unique phase is the present main difficulty. In principle, this problem can be solved combining the high saturation magnetization of a soft phase with the high magnetic anisotropy of a hard phase, via the exchange coupling on a nanometric scale. The first attempts showed the feasibility of planar magnetic nanocomposites, where soft and hard magnetic layers are intercalated, but on the other hand they also stressed the difficulties still existing. The present paper reviews some theoretical aspects and experimental results, pointing out the potentiality of Massbauer spectroscopy in determining the spin configuration, as well as the nature and thickness of interfaces, which strongly influence the exchange interaction in these systems.

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