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the application of rare earth magnets 2

3 .rare earth luminescent materials
Rare earth elements play an important role in the luminescent materials. Lighten rare earth compounds is due to transition of 4f electrons in rare earth elements within the configuration fd or ff . As rare earth ion has wealthy energy levels and property of 4f electronic transition, the rare earth has become a huge luminescent treasures. It provides superior performance light-emitting materials for high-tech industry. Rare earth luminescent materials are widely used in night vision equipment, road traffic signs, promote plant growth, UV disinfection, health care, luminous display and simulate natural light full spectrum light source, such as special lighting and equipment production. The application areas will be expanded continuously.
4 rare earth catalyze materials
Light rare earth with special 4f electron shell structure makes it to show good catalyse performance and the effectiveness in the chemical reaction process, it has huge application market and development potential. Rare earth catalyze materials are mainly three categories, including rare earth catalyze molecular sieve materials, rare earth perovskite-based catalyze materials and cerium catalyze materials. It has been researched and applied in many energy enviroment field, such as in motor vehicle exhaust gas purification, petrochemicals, fuel cells, catalytic combustion of lead additives, and polymer
5 Rare Earth anticorrosion materials
With steel and other metalsí»widely application in the social production and all aspects of life, the corrosion of metal equipment and materials has become a serious obstacle for current economic development, the various accidents caused by corrosion has become a direct threat for human life and property safety . Rare earth Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys is a type of high-strength anticorrosion materials which can be compounded in the surface of carbon steel structure, It can be used in sea water and similar environments, and can be applied for long-term corrosion of hydraulic steel structures.

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