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How to Building a Compass

Use the magnets to building a Compass"

1) Fill a small bowl or dish about halfway with water. This will be the body of your compass.
2) Use the metric end of a ruler to measure a straw. Using a Sharpie marker, make a mark at about 50 mm.
3) Using scissors, cut the straw at the line, and keep the 50mm measured portion.
4) Use a sewing needle that is about the same size as the piece of cut straw. Magnetize the needle by rubbing the needle anywhere on a bar magnet for about 5-10 seconds, or 100 times. The needle is now your magnet!
5) Place the magnetized needle inside the piece of straw.
6) Place the straw (with the needle inside) onto the surface of the water. Make sure you did not place the original bar magnet anywhere near the needle and straw or the bowl of water. Also, make sure the needle magnet and straw do not break the surface of the water. If they sink, dry them before replacing them back on the surface of the water. The straw with the needle is now your ˇ°compass needleˇ±.
7) Determine the north and south poles of your compass needle using a bar magnet. To do this, place the south pole of the bar magnet near your compass needle. The end that is attracted to the bar magnet is the north pole of your compass needle (because opposites attract), and the other end is your south pole.
8) Place a small sticker or marker mark on the north pole end to distinguish it from the south pole end of your compass needle magnet.
9) Observe the compass needle. Compare it to the direction of a store-bought compass.

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