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Application of magnets in magnetic refrigerator

The magnetic refrigerator is a refrigerator cooling by the magnetocaloric effect. The magnetic refrigerator without the gas medium, and its efficiency up to 60%. The newly developed magnetic refrigerator is the core of a rotary device, the device includes a wheel containing the metal gadolinium film and a high magnetic field strength of rare earth permanent magnet. Gadolinium is a special metal, it is placed in a magnetic environment temperature when the magnetic field was removed after the temperature drops, a phenomenon known as the magnetocaloric effect. Work, gadolinium-round permanent magnet gap into the magnetic field the giant magnetocaloric effect resulting gadolinium round of warming, water circulating pipes in the system will the gadolinium round temperature of heat taken away to make a Gadolinium-round cooling; when the after gadolinium round to leave the magnetic field, the gadolinium-round temperature will drop to even lower temperature of the magnetic field before it, the system circulating water pipe through the the gadolinium round and gadolinium-round cooling, cooling water into the cooling source can be used for cooling

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