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Application of magnets in the magnetic window

Magnetic window with a door sensor, fortification when illegal window will alarm. For example, to work out the fortification of the home security system. The thief intends to cracking the glass into the room, open the windows from the outside window frames will touch the magnetic window switch, do not disarm the alarm system to start within a few seconds. Master course within a few seconds, alarm shut down so that no errors reported. Door sensor system is a security alarm system, sub-door sensor, magnetic window (on the same principle, the shape differences). Magnetic door/window magnetic if less attention is not easy to see.In fact, the so-called magnetic door/window magnetic Menci switches and window magnetic switch short, consists of two parts: small parts of the permanent magnet, the inside has a permanent magnet, is used to produce a constant magnetic field, the larger is the gate magnetic subject, it has a normally open type of reed switch when the permanent magnet and reed switch are very close (less than 5 mm), door magnetic sensor in the waiting state, must leave the reed pipe when the permanent magnet distance, in a normally open state. Magnets and reed switches are installed in the door frame (window frame) and doors (sash), are basically embedded installation (there are surface-mounted), not the trades are generally less able to notice these. We can open household doors and outside windows to look at the household the top of the door frame and outside the window sash, you can see the round, usually white vitality, in fact, this is the so-called magnetic door window magnetic .

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