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Strong Magnet for Your Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is not new now. It is gaining recognition in the medical community as a natural and relatively inexpensive replacement for medications.
The effectiveness of magnetic therapy treatments depend on several factors, including selecting the right magnet strength for your needs and properly applying the magnets to the affected areas.

Think about purchasing a magnet made of neodymium

Neodymium Magnet is called the ¡°king¡± of the magnets. It has small size, while the magnet strength is very strong. The gauss rating is more than 10,000.
To choose a magnet that is strong enough to treat your specific condition. The deeper or more serious the injury is, the more strength your magnet should possess. You should stay away from magnets with gauss measurements of less than 400, since these will have very little, if any, healing results. Besides, avoid extremely large magnets, as these may be dangerous if not used correctly.

Therefore, the best choice is neo magnet. It is of the highest quality and is usually very effective. You can choose one with a gauss rating of at least 12,300.

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