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neodymium magnets' passivation

The neodymium magnets passivation as one of the neodymium magnets surface treatment process, the basis the neodymium magnets special nature of the surface anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion treatment. Corrosion of neodymium magnets magnets surface powder, sintered, Bonded neodymium magnets are powder alloy class, the surface in contact with air, the formation of oxidation corrosion, resulting in a fluffy state red powdery corrosion products, mainly iron and neodymium oxide. product quality and appearance of impaired; neodymium magnets and the majority of acid or alkali system contacts a direct result of the phenomenon of black powder compounds; floating dust in contact with part of the preparations; neodymium magnets' surface degreasing may refer to organic solvents, pickling with dilute nitric acid, surface passivation of Nd-Fe-B-specific neutral passivation agents, directly passivated surface yellowing, color bright and clean, salt water for a long time; neutral passivation agents can also be used for electro-galvanized, nickel, copper and nickel plating after passivation.

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