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Application of neodymium magnets in Waterproof magnetic buckle

Waterproof magnetic button, the magnetic lines of force form the loop forming principle through magnetic material. Fitting the semi closed plating metal shell in the strong magnet, forming concentration of magnetic, so that strengthening the magnetic. And through the high pressure hot processing, using environmentally materials to package the magnetic buttons.The product is waterproof and rust-proof, and beautiful appearance, so the magnetic buckle service life to achieve long term use. Waterproof magnetic buckle convenient and simple use, reasonable price, and does not affect the appearance of a garment, so it is widely used in high-end clothing, coat, fashion apparel and other clothing. Because the magnet composition containing more than 30 percent of the rare earth element nd, due to the national rare earth export quotas in recent years.The prices of magnet are rising trend, so the price of magnetic buckle fluctuation with the price of magnet.

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