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The '3 major reasons' for demagnetization of neodymium magnets, the last point is the key!

Many people have such a common problem, "Why is the magnetic force weakened after the NdFeB neodymium powerful magnet is not used for a long time, which is what we often say demagnetization?"NdFeB neodymium magnetic ringMost people think that it is a problem for In fact, the neodymium iron boron strong magnet demagnetization on the one hand has the manufacturer's reasons, but mainly because the method used is wrong, so The magnet quickly demagnetizes.

Counterbore magnetWhat are the reasons for the demagnetization of the magnet?

First, the use of neodymium iron boron strong magnets at high temperatures quickly demagnetize!

Note that when buying a magnet, be sure to tell the manufacturer how high the magnet needs to be used, so that the manufacturer can choose different high temperature resistant materials to make the finished product according to the different environments.

The power resistance of materials with different magnets is also very different, so it should be purchased according to the characteristics of their own products, so that the phenomenon of magnet demagnetization does not occur.

Powerful magnet rectangle - galvanizedSecond, in the violent knocking or high-frequency impact will also cause the NdFeB neodymium strong magnet to appear fragmentation and cause the magnet magnetic force is not enough, because the magnet itself is more brittle, so try to avoid it.

Strong magnet roundThird, the magnet material contains too much impurities will also lead to weak magnetic, this is the reason for the manufacturers, some bad businesses will be greedy for small cheap, clearly the customer is required to N35, the result manufacturers use N28 materials To do, customers do not expect Can be detected, if the number reaches 30K, is it necessary to use the flux meter to measure one by one?

Strong magnet with holeTherefore, I would like to remind everyone to buy large quantities of NdFeB neodymium magnets in large quantities. It is very important to find a strong supplier with good reputation. This will save a lot of unnecessary troubles in cooperation. If the long -term cooperation is in price, There are great deals.

Powerful magnetic ringWant to know more about NdFeB neodymium magnets, so stay tuned!

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