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The price of rare earths will rise again, and what is the impact of neodymium magnets?

According to media reports, the Baichuan Information Rare Earth Index on January 16 was 176.35, up 0.35 from the previous working day. Mainly bismuth oxide and bismuth iron prices have increased by 10,000 yuan / ton, are now reported 120-122 million yuan / ton and 121-123 million yuan / ton.
Researchers in the rare earth industry said that the price increase was mainly affected by the latest listing price of heavy rare earth oxides in China Southern Rare Earth Group. The listing price was stable and strong, and the prices of antimony oxide and antimony oxide were slightly increased.
Earlier, 12 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on the 12th Department on Continuously Strengthening the Order Rectification of the Rare Earth Industry". The province of Jiangxi Province, which superimposed the production of rare earths, announced the launch of a special campaign for rare earth blackening. In the eyes of industry, this will produce for the rare earth industry. It must have a positive impact.
According to the business report, under the strict environmental inspection, the rare earth separation enterprises in several provinces have stopped production, resulting in a decline in the market for rare earth oxides, which has made the prices of rare earth products firm, and the price trend of lanthanum oxide products has increased slightly. Recently, the large-scale enterprise group has limited willingness to produce, and the market for rare earths has improved.
Huatai Securities believes that the overall supply and demand pattern of rare earths is still improving, and the social stocks left over from history are the main factors for suppressing prices. As the order of the rare earth industry continues to strengthen, the industry supply and demand pattern is expected to further improve, optimistic about medium and heavy rare earths, it is recommended to focus on the head enterprises of the rare earth and magnetic materials industry chain.
Regarding the company, according to the rare earth magnetic material plate of the selected stock theme library (,
Shenghe Resources: The company owns 30% equity of Chinalco Sichuan Rare Earth. In recent years, it has reorganized and merged Chenguang Rare Earth. At the same time, it has integrated domestic and foreign resources by participating in the Mountain Pass mine and obtaining the mine underwriting rights. The company has rich rare earth products, light rare earth, Heavy rare earth products are produced and sold, and a complete rare earth industrial chain has been formed.
Galaxy Magnet: The company is the world leader in the production and sales of NdFeB rare earth magnets. The products include bonded NdFeB magnets, samarium-cobalt magnets and hot-pressed NdFeB magnets. They are widely used in automotive, information technology, consumer electronics and other fields.
Yingluohua: The company is mainly engaged in rare earth permanent magnet products, which are supplied to famous brands such as Apple, Samsung and BYD. At present, the total production capacity of NdFeB is about 6,000 tons, and the capacity utilization rate is about 60%.
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