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Basic knowledge of magnets

Permanent magnet material: The permanent magnet material is magnetized by an external magnetic field and does not disappear. It can provide a stable magnetic field to the external space. There are four common metrics for NdFeB permanent magnets:
Remanence (Br) units are Tesla (T) and Gauss (Gs) 1Gs = 0.0001T
A magnet is magnetized by an external magnetic field in a closed circuit environment to cancel the external magnetic field after the technology is saturated. At this time, the magnetic induction intensity exhibited by the magnet is called remanence. It represents the maximum flux value that the magnet can provide. It can be seen from the demagnetization curve that it corresponds to the case where the air gap is zero, so the magnetic induction intensity of the magnet in the actual magnetic circuit is smaller than the remanence. NdFeB is the highest practical permanent magnet material found in Br today.
The magnetic coercivity (Hcb) unit is A/m (A/m) and Oe (Oe) or 1 Oe≈ 79.6A/m.
The value of the reverse magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetic induction to zero when the magnet after the technical saturation magnetization is reversely magnetized is called the magnetic induction coercive force (Hcb). However, the magnetization of the magnet is not zero at this time, but the applied reverse magnetic field and the magnetization of the magnet cancel each other out. (The external magnetic induction performance is zero.) At this time, if the external magnetic field is removed, the magnet still has a certain magnetic property. The coercive force of NdFeB is generally above 11,000 Oe.
The intrinsic coercive force (Hcj) unit is A/m (A/m) and Oe (Oe)1 Oe≈79.6A/m
The magnetization of the magnet is reduced to zero. The magnitude of the applied reverse magnetic field is called the intrinsic coercivity. The intrinsic coercivity is a physical quantity that measures the anti-demagnetization ability of a magnet. If the applied magnetic field is equal to the intrinsic coercivity of

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