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How is the neodymium magnet demagnetized?

A strong magnet is a neodymium iron boron magnet. Compared with ferrite magnets, AlNiCo, SmCo, the magnetic properties greatly exceed those of other magnets. NdFeB magnets can absorb 640 times their own weight, so NdFeB is often used by outsiders. It is called a powerful magnet.
Strong magnets can be magnetized and demagnetized, because the magnet itself is or will be magnetic, so we can make a certain method to demagnetize according to the use of strong magnets.
1. High temperature demagnetization method:
The main operation of the high-temperature demagnetization method is to put the magnet into a high-temperature furnace for heating, and the magnetic force of the strong magnet is removed after the high-temperature treatment, but the structure of the object inside the magnet is directly caused by the high temperature during the heating process. Great changes occur, so the method of demagnetization is generally used for magnets that are scrapped and recycled.
2. Vibration demagnetization method:
The operation of this method is very simple, that is, the powerful magnet is subjected to strong and intense vibration. After the vibration operation, the internal structure of the magnet is changed, thereby changing the physical properties of the magnet. Generally, the demagnetization method is used. Not big, only a small amount of demagnetization can be used temporarily.
3. Magnet AC demagnetization method:
This method of demagnetization is to say that the magnet is placed in a space capable of generating an alternating magnetic field. After the interference of the alternating magnetic field, the internal structure of the magnet is disturbed, so that the demagnetization effect can be achieved. This method is relatively common. Demagnetization method.
The above three methods are effective for demagnetization of a powerful magnet, but in general, we still prefer the AC demagnetization method to have a higher demagnetization efficiency than the high temperature demagnetization method and the vibration demagnetization method, and is the most widely used method in industrial production.

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