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Xiamen everbeen magnetic industry recommended no radiation magnet - neodymium iron boron magnet

Many customers have this concern: Does NdFeB permanent magnet material have radiation? Is it harmful to the human body?

First of all, according to the classical electromagnetic theory, only the changing electromagnetic field will produce radiation; the magnetic field with strong radiation ability refers to the medium-high frequency magnetic field (the frequency is above several thousand or even tens of thousands of Hertz), such as induction cooker, mobile phone, etc. Higher electromagnetic fields have electromagnetic radiation. The higher the frequency, the stronger the radiation. The normal alternating current frequency is enough for 220 Hz. The neodymium iron boron produces a static magnetic field, and the static magnetic field does not generate electromagnetic radiation.

Secondly, since there is no radiation, we may be worried about whether the static magnetic field is harmful to the human body. I have two points: 1. The static magnetic field decays very quickly. Generally, the strongest single magnet (the magnet remanence is 1.4T), 10cm away from the magnet. The magnetic field is generally less than 0.1T, which is already very small. 2. Simply discuss the role of static magnetic field on the human body. At present, the scientific community has no clear theory. Even many materials also publicize the magnetic field is beneficial to the human body. There are many magnetic therapy devices. There is no clear conclusion in science.

In short, a strong magnet does not produce radiation, and the magnetic field is slightly separated from the magnet a little, and there is no influence.

Sintered NdFeB is about 2,000 tons (100 tons of AlNiCo and 50 tons of SmCo), and the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Introduced the world's advanced high-uniform airflow mill, rotary vacuum melting furnace, low-oxygen powder production line, using hydrogen crushing alloy technology, has developed and produced N25-N55, 30H-50H, 30SH-44SH, 28UH-42UH, 28EH-40EH , 28AH-35AH (230 degrees) and other full range of NdFeB materials, and equipped with a set of advanced testing equipment such as variable temperature magnetic performance tester, optical projector, etc. After more than 15 years of efforts, establish an ISO9002 international quality system certification. , product performance and quality of external processing have reached the advanced standards in Europe and America

Basic parameters

Working temperature: 80 degrees °C

Material designation: N35-N52

Density g/cm3: 7.5

Maximum magnetic energy product: 53MGOe

Curie temperature: 350

Coercive force: 11.6KOe

Internal coercivity: 14KOe

Model: N35-N52

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