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What is Magnetic Rotary Encoder

The magnetic rotary encoder is a detection device based on a novel magnetic sensitive component. Although the photoelectric encoder has a large share in the encoders on the market, the magnetic rotary encoder has high speed, easy to use, high shock resistance, easy adjustment, installation and maintenance, and low cost. It has become a better choice for ordinary precision occasions that replace the revolving.
The main part of the magnetic rotary encoder is composed of a magnetoresistive sensor probe, a magnetizing drum, a signal processing circuit and a mechanical structure. The drum is recorded as a small magnetic pole of equal spacing, and after the magnetic pole is magnetized, a spatially distributed magnetic leakage magnetic field is generated when rotating. The magnetic sensor probe converts the changed magnetic field signal into a change of the resistance value through the magnetoresistance effect. Under the action of the applied potential, the changed resistance value is converted into a voltage change, and the simulated voltage signal is processed by the subsequent signal processing circuit. It is converted into a digital signal recognizable by a computer to realize the encoding function of the magnetic rotary encoder. Magnetic rotary encoders are roughly classified into incremental and absolute.
Application Advantage:
1. Easy to miniaturize and low in price.
2. Simple structure, convenient debugging and easy installation.
3. Line drive output type, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for long-line output.
4. Compact structure, high speed, fast response and high anti-vibration level.
5. Components can be arranged and combined to form new functions and multi-function devices.
6. Closed structure, dustproof, oil proof, not susceptible to external pollution.
Application Weakness
The biggest weakness of the magnetic encoder is that the signal-to-noise ratio is low and the noise is low. Therefore, low-speed vibration is a common problem. The quality of a rotating magnetic encoder depends on whether th

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