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What is the relationship between the performance factors of neodymium magnets?

There are many factors that affect the performance of powerful magnets. These factors directly affect the performance of powerful magnets to a large extent. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of strong magnets, attention should be paid to the influence of the following factors on strong magnets. Dongguan magnet
Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting strong magnets. The performance of the magnets of the powerful magnets will be greatly weakened when the temperature is continuously increased. As a result, the magnetic field of the strong magnets is relatively weak. The performance of the strong magnets at high temperatures is related to the temperature. The inverse relationship between high and low, the main reason why temperature affects the magnetic properties of the magnet of the website is that under the influence of temperature, the ability of electrons inside the magnet will increase, causing many electrons to break free from the nucleus, resulting in electrons with regular telemetry. The amount is reduced so that the magnet disappears partially in magnetic properties.
The relationship between the performance and temperature of a strong magnet is mainly due to the fact that the higher the temperature, the lower the magnetic properties. Therefore, in daily storage for powerful magnets, it is necessary to control the influence of temperature on the magnetism of a strong magnet.

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