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What kind of neodymium magnet is used to not demagnetize?

It is well known that magnets are demagnetized when exposed to high temperatures. This is unavoidable, but this is not the case with high-temperature permanent magnets of suitable materials. How should we choose?
A Brazilian customer came online and needed a high-temperature permanent magnet with a temperature resistance of more than 200 degrees. It said that the temperature of the magnet that was purchased elsewhere was not good enough. It didn't take long to demagnetize it, and it also affected its own products. The use, so I can consult to recommend a suitable high temperature permanent magnet, do not want to see this situation again.
NdFeB high temperature magnet
In general, the market for NdFeB is the highest, although its magnetic properties are not very good. Therefore, if the required operating temperature range is below 150 degrees, then NdFeB is recommended. If the temperature range is above 150 degrees, it is recommended to use samarium-cobalt magnet. In this range, the magnetism of the neodymium magnet is weaker than that of samarium-cobalt. Magnetic.
Shirt cobalt high temperature magnet
The temperature range of NdFeB is around 200 degrees, while the temperature range of SmCo can be stabilized at 300 to 350 degrees, but the cost of SmCo is more expensive than NdFeB. Therefore, it is more appropriate to consider what kind of high temperature permanent magnet to use according to the customer's use requirements and cost range.

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