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The action of a powerful magnet

The magnetic properties of aluminum-nickel-cobalt and samarium cobalt vastly exceed those of other metals by a factor of 640, so ndfeb, often referred to by outsiders as the powerful metals, can be magical and always point in the same direction after swinging at will. Early navigators used these magnets as their earliest functional materials. Today magnets have become essential in our lives. The effect with magnets can be achieved and exceeded by advanced powder metallurgists, and the magnetic force can be maximized. Artificial magnets appeared in the century, but the process of making higher magnetic materials was very slow until the 1920s (AlNiCo). This was followed by Ferrite (Ferrite) in 1948, Rare samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets in the 1970s, and NdFeB (NdFeB) in 1986, the world's strongest magnets to date.
In 1999, zibo sheng gold Magnet 13000GS rare earth strong Magnet broke through the industry precedent, and soon spread in the industry, China rare earth magnetic walk Magnet, magnetic steel is now mainly divided into two categories, one is soft magnetic, one is permanent Magnet; But the most stable performance, temperature coefficient is the best three performance parameters to determine the magnetic performance: Br: permanent magnet after magnetization to technology saturation, and remove the external magnetic field, the retained Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity.
Hc: to reduce the B of the permanent magnet magnetized to technology saturation to zero, the strength of the reverse magnetic field required to be added is called the magnetic induced coerience, BH: represents the magnetic energy density established by the magnet in the air gap space (the space between two magnetic poles of the magnet), that is, the product of Bm and Hm per unit volume of the air gap, so it is called the magnetic energy product.
: a magnetic field is the space that exerts magnetic effects on the magnetic poles.
: intensity of magnetic induction at a specified location on the surface of a permanent magnet.
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