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Introduce you to build a strong magnet factory of magnets: many different kinds of magnetic, divided into two types: permanent magnetic and soft magnetic, magnetic usually refers to the permanent magnet and we said permanent magnet has two categories: 1 categories: it includes ndfeb Nd2Fe14B magnetic metal alloy), samarium cobalt (SmCo, aluminum nickel and cobalt these magnet (ALNiCO) 2 broad categories: Ferrite permanent magnet, Ferrite)
1, ndfeb magnet: it is currently found commercial relatively high performance of the magnet, known as magneto, has a very high magnetic properties, its magnetic energy product (BHmax) than Ferrite more than 10 times. Including its own mechanical processing performance is also quite good. The operating temperature is up to 200 ¡æ. And hard texture, stable performance, has a very good cost performance, so it is widely used. But because the chemical activity is very strong, so must carry on the coating treatment to the surface. (such as Zn,Ni, electrophoresis, passivation, etc.).
2. Ferrite magnet: its main raw materials include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Made by ceramic process, the material is hard and belongs to brittle material. Ferrite magnet has been widely used as a permanent magnet because of its good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance.
Aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnet: an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metals. Casting process can be processed into different sizes and shapes, machinability is very good. The cast alnico permanent magnet has a low reversible temperature coefficient and the operating temperature can be as high as 600 ¡æ. Alnico permanent magnet products are widely used in various instruments and other applications.
4. Samarium cobalt (SmCo) can be divided into SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 according to different ingredients. Its development is limited by the high cost of its materials. As a rare earth permanent magnet, it not only has high magnetic energy product (14-28 mgoe), reliable coercive force and good temperature characteristics. Samarium cobalt is relatively well suited to work at high temperatures compared to ndfeb.
5. When a magnet saturated with powerful magnet technology is reversely magnetized, the value of the reverse magnetic field intensity required to reduce the magnetic induction intensity to zero is called magnetic sense coercivity (Hcb). However, at this time, the magnetization of the magnet is not zero, but the inverse magnetic field added and the magnetization of the magnet cancel each other. (the external magnetic induction intensity is zero) at this time if the external magnetic field is removed, the magnetic property of the magnet remains. The coercivity of ndfeb is usually above.
When the magnet is magnetized by the external magnetic field in a closed circuit environment and the external magnetic field is removed after technology saturation, the magnetic induction intensity shown by the magnet is called remanence. It represents the larger flux value that the magnet can provide. It can be seen from the demagnetization curve that it corresponds to the situation when the air gap is zero, so the magnetic induction intensity is less than the remanence in the actual magnetic circuit. Ndfeb is a practical permanent magnetic material with high Br.
The strength of the reverse magnetic field applied by a powerful magnet to reduce the magnetization of a magnet to zero is called intrinsic coercivity. Intrinsic coercivity is a physical quantity that measures the ability of a magnet to resist demagnetization. If the applied magnetic field equals the intrinsic coercivity of the magnet, the magnetism of the magnet will be basically eliminated. The Hcj of ndfeb will decrease with the increase of temperature, so high Hcj should be chosen when working in high temperature environment.
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