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What are the machining features of ndfeb products?

There is a magnet sample, it is not clear what the performance is, how to do? Usually, the magnet salesman will ask you to send a sample. How does the magnet manufacturer test the performance of the magnet? What instruments are used for testing?
Micrometer, vernier caliper, Gauss meter, fluxmeter, film thickness gauge and other measuring tools are commonly used in the detection of strong magnets with samples.
Micrometers and vernier calipers mainly measure the tolerance dimensions of strong magnets in units of mm.
The Gauss meter mainly measures the magnetic force of a point on the surface of a magnet. Unit Gauss, since the magnetic force of each point on the surface of a magnet is different, and the magnetic force of the edge is higher than that of the center point, the error of the measured data is larger, generally the central surface magnetic shall prevail
Then is the magnet electroplating, this visual inspection, the coating quality directly affects the service life of ndFeb.
The main methods for detecting the coating quality of strong magnet are as follows:
Visual appearance measurement, coating thickness measurement, drop test (mainly for galvanized products), lattice test (generally used for nickel plating products), cold and heat test, PCT pressure test, SST salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity test, etc.
What is a fluxmeter?
Magnetometer, magnetometer is mainly used to measure the magnetic force of one surface of Ndfeb magnet, unit Webber Wb, compared with Gaussian meter, the data measured by magnetometer is more objective and accurate. General magnet manufacturers will choose flux meter to detect the final product of NdFeb magnets.
If the requirements for strong magnets are high, the most accurate way is to use demagnetization curve analyzer to measure the magnetic properties of magnets.

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