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Precautions for use of NdFeb magnets

Customers should pay attention to the following matters when using Ndfeb magnet magnetic steel:
Round ndfeb magnet | magnetic steel
1, the temperature
If the working temperature is higher than the operating temperature of the magnet, the magnet will slowly demagnetize until it is no longer magnetic.
2, environmental
If the magnet device used is in a sealed condition, consider choosing a non-electroplated or white zinc-plated magnet to save cost. If the magnet is exposed to damp air, especially in the case of salt spray, consider a nickel-plated magnet.
3. User objects
For users in China or some less developed countries, environmental protection requirements are not taken into account. For users in developed countries, special attention should be paid to environmental protection matters.
4. Handling and stacking
Because the NdFeb belongs to the polymetallic alloy material, the density is between 7.45 and has the characteristics of heavy and brittle. So be very careful when handling and handling, so as not to break the magnetic field. Storage should also keep the environment dry, do not directly stacked on the ground, preferably with cardboard or placed on the shelves.

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