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Strong neodymium magnet customization, drawing is the most important?

The special-shaped powerful magnet is customized. Because the special-shaped is an irregular shape, the crafting process will be more than the conventional one, and it is more troublesome. Therefore, when customizing, the manufacturer must require the customer to provide accurate drawing data. Customers can also ask the manufacturer to make samples first, and then assemble the products, depending on the suitability and precision.
Powerful magnet Powerful magnet
If the customized product size and accuracy of the special-shaped powerful magnet fails, what will be the impact?
Summarized the following points:
1. If the dimensional accuracy is not accurate, it will cause the downstream manufacturers to fail to assemble the product when assembling the product, resulting in the product being scrapped.
2. If the accuracy is not accurate enough, it will reduce the efficiency of the product, which is what the end customer calls inferior products.
3. The third point will also cause customers to lose confidence in the product directly, and affect the relationship between manufacturers and customers.
Therefore, for the customization of special-shaped powerful magnets, manufacturers must require customers to provide accurate drawings and sizes, and customers must choose manufacturers with customization capabilities.
Xiamen Everbeen Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional magnet supplier. The company provides all kinds of high-strength, precise, special-shaped strong magnet products. The cooperating factory has advanced magnet production and processing equipment, professional R&D and production; from raw material smelting---professional formula--- blank molding---magnet product, it can meet the requirements of various customers with magnet needs.
At present, the series of NdFeB magnets sold by our company have been widely used in high-tech fields such as electro-acoustics, motors, speakers, magnetic therapy, magnetic levitation, hardware and plastics, electronic appliances, electric vehicles, wind power generation, aerospace technology and so on.
Xiamen everbeen magnet product advantages:
   1. Perfect product performance. N35~N52, temperature: -40°~230°, grades: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, VH, etc.
  2. Product specifications (shapes) are complete. It can produce round, ring, square, trapezoidal and other conventional shapes from φ1 to φ150, and can also produce special-shaped products such as tile, fan, diamond, cone, T-shaped and other special-shaped products according to the needs of different industries.
3. The surface can be treated according to the different needs of customers and the working environment of the product: galvanized (ZN), nickel-plated copper-nickel (NCN), nickel-plated (Ni), gold-plated (AN), copper-plated (CU) , Epoxy, etc. The products are in compliance with the ROHS, REACH and other safety certifications of the authoritative organization SGS.
   hope that through our continuous summary of experience, strictly control the product quality and the accuracy of delivery, with the lowest total cost, a sustainable cooperation model, to help our customers achieve the greatest need to meet, thereby creating a win-win situation!

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