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How to quickly identify the quality of a strong magnet

A powerful magnet is a powerful neodymium iron boron magnet, which has better performance and quality than ferrite. A powerful neodymium iron boron magnet can absorb 640 times heavier than its own weight. This is where the title of "magnet king" is derived.
I don’t know the quality of the strong magnets bought on the market? Is there any quick way to test the quality of strong NdFeB magnets?
Detecting the quality of powerful NdFeB magnets is mainly evaluated from two aspects: 1. Product performance, 2. Product appearance
1. Product performance:
Strong neodymium iron boron magnets are all unified standards, and the main indicators to understand are remanence, coercivity, magnetic energy product grades, etc. Powerful NdFeB magnets of different sizes can be distinguished by Gaussian sum, and the quality and performance of this magnet can be distinguished by Gaussian. The coercive force can only be tested by the magnetic characteristic tester, generally there is no such condition for the user to test.
2. Product appearance:
It can be used to inspect the appearance of the product, mainly in 5 aspects:
(1) Pockmarks: including bubbles. Scars, electroplating tumors, slag layer, local too thick;
(2) Edge: chipping, residual material;
(3) Scratches: knife marks, line marks, nail scratches, etc.;
(4) Cracks: cracks, etc.;
(5) Sand holes: pinholes, pores, particles, etc., depending on whether there are missing edges or corners around, whether the electroplating is intact, and whether the size meets the design requirements. The neodymium iron boron magnets are coated to prevent the surface of the magnet from being damaged. Corrosion and rust. The same specification is placed on a surface that can be absorbed, which can be used to distinguish the size of the magnetic force.
Demagnetization curve analysis can also be used to understand the magnetic properties of the measured magnet.
The above is the method to detect the quality of powerful NdFeB magnets, hoping to help you how to quickly identify the quality of powerful magnets.

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