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How to customize neodymium magnets, you need to provide what information

A: Please tell us the size, grade, surface coating and quantity of the strong magnet, the details are below. At the same time, you will quickly get the most reasonable quotation.
Here are some magnet sizes for referenceQQ舜夕20221021094320
1. Custom size: ( Please specify all dimensions in millimeters or inches)
Round magnet -- diameter x height
Ring magnet --Outer diameter x height - Inner diameter
Block magnet -- length x width x height
Special shape magnets – drafts or drawings
2. Grade selection: (the higher the performance level, the stronger the magnetism)
N35、N38、N40、N42、N45、N48、N50、N52 (70-80°C)
N35M、N38M、N40M、N42M、N45M、N48M、N50M (100-120°C)
N30SH、N33SH、N35SH、N35UH、N28EH、N30AH (150-230°C)
3. Surface coating: (Zn and Ni-Cu-Ni coating are the most popular coatings)
There are many plating options such as Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni, Zi, etc.
4. Quantity: (samples available)
In order to quote an accurate and competitive price, the number of magnets is essential.
Here are some custom magnets for reference
Why choose us ?
1. Strong production capacity to meet the needs of different customers
Advanced equipment, diverse production molds, rich production experience can produce high-grade magnets.
3. Professional technical team
Engineer, technological transformation, innovative technology.
4. Professional shipping packaging
Unified anti-magnetic packaging to meet different transportation needs.

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