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How the power neodymium magnet should be customized

Some purchasing friends may see the magnet manufacturers display magnet types may be more common round and square magnets, strong magnets can also be customized into a variety of special-shaped magnet shapes, you only need to provide engineering drawings, magnet manufacturers can you make strong magnet custom settings.
The reason why strong magnets are widely used is that their magnet materials are more magnetic and durable than ordinary magnets. The suction of the strong magnet we can not underestimate, when we put two strong magnets together, the suction of the magnet we must be careful not to hurt our fingers, then, we need to pay attention to what aspects when purchasing strong magnets such products, magnet manufacturers teach you how to customize strong magnets?
We are in size, length or diameter under 20mm, thickness at least 1mm will be better, magnet material is more brittle, if it is too thin, it is easy to break. If you need to punch a magnet, such as the wall width thickness should not be less than 2.5mm, in addition, you also consider the working temperature of the magnet product you use, and put forward hard requirements for the magnet manufacturer in terms of temperature resistance of the magnet material.

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