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How to choose the right square neodymium magnet?

Square magnets are widely used, before encountering a customer new purchase just entered the job does not know how to choose a more suitable NdFeB square strong magnet, the quotation of this magnet will be affected by what factors, what kind of supplier to choose can ensure quality at the same time quotation is also appropriate, then now by the magnet manufacturer to introduce:
First of all, you must know what factors affect the price of NdFeB square magnets;
1. The quantity you purchased
No matter what kind of supplier, as long as you buy a large batch, the suppliers will give you a suitable unit price, on the contrary, the purchase of the batch is relatively small, generally this will cost more for the merchant, and the quotation you get will be higher.
2. The specifications you purchased
For example, NdFeB square magnet, the specification shape contains a lot of kinds, among which the common trapezoidal, rectangular, whether with holes will affect our price, in short, the more complex the shape you require, the higher the technical requirements of the supplier, the higher the corresponding quotation.
3. The tolerance size you purchased
As the saying goes, the more precise the item, the lower the error of the required specifications, the higher the technology required, the finer the magnet, the higher the price, especially for precision instruments, the process requirements are particularly strict, and the processing cost will increase with it.
Two. What suppliers to look for?
The scheme is mature, good at a variety of special specifications, high difficulty, ultra-precision magnetic products, to deal with different shapes of special-shaped schemes have fast and effective sample schemes, greatly shorten the customer development cycle if to.

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